Common Goods Now Open in Crosslake!

It's been quite exciting and busy around here at Bridges of Hope!  In case you haven't heard, we are officially open for business at our new Common Goods location in Crosslake! We have amazing staff who are working hard to get the space fully up & running (we were able to get into the space just yesterday). We... Continue Reading →

The Art of Upcycling

At Common Goods we are fortunate to receive a variety of unique furniture pieces from our generous donors. Some of these items can go directly to the sales floor. Other times, the pieces we receive need a little extra love and attention. At Common Goods, we call this process "upcycling". It can be as simple as a new coat... Continue Reading →

Volunteers Make a Difference at Common Goods

At Common Goods, we are thankful for the hundreds of volunteers who help out every year! Volunteers help us get extra projects done (see photos below), keep the store clean & neat and also raise awareness and bring donations in to Common Goods. Many of our volunteers are local youth who are excited to make... Continue Reading →

Earth Day 2012

On Earth Day many individuals and groups around the world plant trees, clean up parks and recreation areas, educate the Community on recycling and being Green, spread knowledge on water conservation and organic food. The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970. Now nearly a billion people participate in Earth Day events in 192 different... Continue Reading →

Recycle Mania

Posted by Suzanne Welch, Common Goods General Manager. Common Goods held its first two-day Recycle Mania event on Jan 6-7, 2012. We had a beautiful weekend, weather-wise (practically unheard of in Minnesota!), and community members recycled over 2,3oo pounds of electronics and corded items! We were excited to give donors a tangible way to get a jump-start on cleaning up and cleaning... Continue Reading →

Who knew?

This month, Bridges of Hope is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Common Goods. Yes, it’s already been a year since Common Goods opened its doors! For those who wonder if a social venture can really provide financial support to a nonprofit, I am excited to announce that, after just one year, Bridges of Hope will... Continue Reading →

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