Michael and Susan’s Moment

Three-Year-Old Girl

Photo by Neree Jackson | Studio You

Susan contacted Bridges of Hope asking for help with a Security System for her home. Susan and her husband Michael have two grown children and recently adopted their two grandchildren, Olivia and Madison, ages 3 and 1. Olivia, at age 3, had already been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, a behavioral disorder, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome–a trio of hefty diagnoses for such a little girl.

Susan explained that Olivia has trouble comprehending danger and she has even tried to leave their home at night. Susan and Michael were concerned that Olivia would eventually be successful in getting out at night and would wander off into the street. Susan had tried locking the door with a deadbolt, but Olivia was able to reach the lock. Susan was already seeking supportive services for Olivia’s mental health, but she was also very concerned for her granddaughter’s safety.

Convinced that a security system with an audible alarm would be the only way to keep Olivia safe, Michael got an estimate. The couple looked at their budget and decided they would be able to afford the monthly maintenance fees, but the instillation cost was just too much for them, especially after recently adopting two children. Since the total cost was also too much for Bridges of Hope on its own, a Family Service Worker helped Susan brainstorm several resources that might be able to help her. Susan explained that she had already contacted her own church and a local service club, and between them they would be able to assist with about a third of the cost. The Bridges staff then directed Susan to also contact a local Family Center, who agreed to assist with another third of the cost. Bridges of Hope was able to utilize its own internal funding for the balance of the installation cost of the security system, and it was installed the following week.

The owner of the security company commented that he was truly touched by the outpouring of support for this family, staying he had never had a firsthand encounter like it before. About a week later, the Bridges staff received a note from Susan and Michael, thanking Bridges of Hope for helping them keep Olivia safe—and for helping them all sleep better at night.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the care or safety of a preschooler, contact Bridges of Hope for assistance.


Rochelle’s Moment

RachealRochelle is a single mom of three boys, ages one, two and four. She called Bridges of Hope after hitting rock bottom mentally and emotionally. She had ended up at a local shelter after fleeing from years of abuse at the hands of her husband, who was in another state. Rochelle knew her decision to leave her husband was the right one, but it was still hard for her. She had been suffering from depression for years; and now, homeless and facing the daunting task of being a single parent to three children all under the age of five, she was feeling tremendously stressed and overwhelmed.

That’s when Rochelle called Bridges of Hope, explaining to the staff that she knew she needed to get her mental health under control before she could even begin to rebuild her life. Bridges of Hope was able to find a counselor who specialized in parenting and stress management as well as with survivors of domestic violence. Rochelle was set up with an immediate counseling appointment, and the Bridges staff simultaneously set up Crisis Nursery childcare for the children, so Rochelle could attend the appointment.

After her initial appointment, a Bridges staff followed up with Rochelle, who reported that the counseling appointment went really well and that she planned to continue to see the counselor. Bridges of Hope was able to set up Crisis Nursery a few more times during Rochelle’s subsequent counseling appointments; and now, a few months later, Rochelle has been able to move into her own place and has gotten a job at local retailer. She has been able to set up regular childcare and continues to move forward with her mental health.

Are you or someone you care about looking for the same kind of support that Rochelle needed? Bridges of Hope maintains a comprehensive database of our area therapists and their specialties. Click here to learn more.