One Year Ago…

Where were you one year ago? I remember clearly that I was in our little office in First Lutheran Church, looking around at stacks of boxes and wondering how we ever fit so many people, file cabinets & desks into one small space! As we were in the midst of planning for our moving day,... Continue Reading →

A Look Back at 2012…Our Annual Report

Our 2012 Annual Report is now available on our website. The annual report gives us an opportunity to thank our donors, reflect on the work you helped us accomplish, and share our successes with you. We are grateful for the support we receive from the Lakes Area and we are humbled by the stories of... Continue Reading →

Happy 4th Anniversary Common Goods!

┬áSeptember marks the 4th anniversary of Common Goods being a part of the Bridges of Hope family. The early vision was for Common Goods to be a mission-driven business that would serve the community and generate revenue for the important programming at Bridges of Hope. Thanks to financial support from the Brainerd Lakes Area Community... Continue Reading →

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