How Are YOU Involved This Fall?

Fall is our busiest season here at Bridges of Hope and we  would love to have YOU join us! Here are a few updates about what we’ve been up to and how you can get involved:

With 400 more families likely to call Bridges of Hope this year for parenting support, help paying a utility bill, a Thanksgiving meal, or whatever the need may be, you can help! Please consider how you can share your time, talents & treasure with others during this fall season.

Thank you for helping us build Bridges!

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Building Bridges Event

It’s been a fun & busy couple of weeks here at Bridges of Hope. We moved into our new building and, just a week later, we hosted over 400 community members at our Building Bridges Event at The Arb.

It was amazing and we were thrilled that so many of you came out to support the 5th graders in the contest and to learn more about Bridges of Hope.

Our classroom sponsors (Nor-Son, Northway Construction, SEH, and Widseth-Smith-Nolting) helped us test 54 popsicle stick bridges.

The winning bridge, constructed by a group of four 5th graders with just 75 popsicle sticks, held a whopping 93 pounds and took our testing station down with it. Take a look!

I just love how calm the kids look while the adults are shocked! Needless to say, we were impressed by the skills of all 498 5th graders who participated.

Those who attended the event voted for the winner in the Aesthetic Category and here is a photo of the winning bridge:

Congratulations to all the kids who participated and thank you to all who attended this event.

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The Building Bridges event was a memorable kick-off to our Fall Fundraising Campaign (click here to read Steven & Laura’s story). Our generous community has already contributed $9,738 toward our $60,000 goal.

Reaching that goal means we can help 400 more families this year. Can YOU help? Click here to donate online.

Thank you for helping us build Bridges!

Steven and Laura’s Moment

Steven and Laura are parents of two teenagers. When Laura contacted Bridges of Hope, the couple was in the process of adopting their young niece and nephews. To say that Jack, Chloe and Dylan had experienced a difficult childhood would be to put it delicately. Their loving aunt and uncle wanted to provide a safe and loving environment for these sweet children, and this meant their family of four was becoming a family of seven.

Jack, Dylan and Chloe

Steven and Laura’s three-bedroom apartment did not fit their growing family, so they found an available townhome. A Bridges staff member worked one-on-one with Steven and Laura, helping the couple analyze their current financial situation and estimate the future expenses for their new, larger family. Happily, the increased rent payment fit into the couple’s budget, but they couldn’t afford the larger deposit. Because Steven and Laura both worked full-time, they did not meet the income criteria for other local housing resources. Bridges was able to determine that this was a perfect situation to act as the “bridge” between the family’s current space crunch and the solution that would help Steven and Laura have room for everyone.

We followed up with Laura recently and she reported that everyone loved their new home and that the kids (teenagers included) were enjoying having a backyard for the first time ever. She was so thankful her co-worker had told her about Bridges of Hope and said that she did not know what they would have done without this help.


Your support is what allows us these beautiful moments to happen: join us in making a difference in the life of a family. A gift of $150 will support our work with a family like Steven and Laura’s. With more than 2,500 families calling us or walking through our doors this year, you can be sure that your gift matters.

Make your gift today. And thank you.

Moving Day!

Have you heard? Bridges of Hope is moving. We are approaching this day with mixed emotion. We really love our home here at First Lutheran Church and are sad to go, AND, we are excited about our new home and all the opportunity it will bring.

The staff, pastors and members of First Lutheran have included us in their family since the very first day we moved here six years ago. We are humbled by the church members who have stopped by throughout the week to say, “We’ll miss you.”

We will miss you too! But, we aren’t going far away and we will certainly stay in touch with First Lutheran as we do with all of our local churches to work together to build bridges for families in need.

Some people have asked, “Why are you moving?” We have a few reasons. The most important reason is to serve the community better. We believe that the time has come for Bridges of Hope to be less “cleverly hidden” and to have an increased presence in the community. We are thrilled that people will now be able to walk directly into our reception area and hear, “Welcome to Bridges of Hope. How can I help you?”

Another reason is, we’ve grown! During the recession, we’ve seen a 56% increase in the need for our services. We are very thankful that we have been able to keep up with this need. But it means that our office space is becoming crowded. We have nine staff members crammed into about 750 square feet! Our current office no longer allows us to host an intern from the College of St. Scholastica or a VISTA member. We also cannot provide work training opportunities to those connected with the Workforce Center. These are key partnerships that we want to get back to and will be able to in our new office.

“So, where is this new office?” you ask. As of Tuesday, October 9th, Bridges of Hope will begin operating at 2011 South 6th Street in Brainerd. We are very excited to start this new adventure in our service to Crow Wing County and surrounding communities.

Please stay tuned about an opportunity this fall to visit us at our new home. We have plans for a great Open House in the works.

Until then, please pray for us as we work through this transition over the coming days. We continue to be ever mindful that we could not do this without your support!

Thank you for helping us build Bridges!

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