Earth Day 2012

On Earth Day many individuals and groups around the world plant trees, clean up parks and recreation areas, educate the Community on recycling and being Green, spread knowledge on water conservation and organic food. The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970. Now nearly a billion people participate in Earth Day events in 192 different... Continue Reading →

Community Concert Touched Hearts

Written by Guest Author Tracy Jeremiason, Board Member At the end of March, Bridges of Hope hosted a Community Concert of thanks and praise! Bridges of Hope was hosting it second concert of this kind and was also celebrating its 10th Anniversary--a day to celebrate ten years of of service, commitment, and partnerships with the... Continue Reading →

Volunteer Appreciation Week

National Volunteer Week embodies the energy and power volunteers evoke on a daily basis as they lead by example—not only encouraging the people they help, but motivating others to serve as well. Volunteer Appreciation Week was April 15-21 this year. Several Countries celebrate this week: USA, Canada, England, and Australia. Some ways these countries celebrate are luncheon's... Continue Reading →

Lily and Mae’s Moment

Lily and Mae weren't living a fairytale. Jason and Kristy are loving and dedicated parents to Lily and Mae. Lately, however, they had been finding it more and more difficult to provide the kind of stability in life they so desperately wanted for their girls--because neither of them had experienced it themselves while growing up. Jason grew... Continue Reading →

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