Having Christmas Every Day

This Christmas, many of us will have ventured out into stores to purchase gifts for our families and friends, and we may have also made a charitable contribution to one of our many worthy local causes or purchased gifts for a family in need through a program like the one at Bridges of Hope. Yes, Christmas... Continue Reading →

We Did It…Because of YOU

This has been an incredible year at Bridges of Hope, where we have been blessed with a multitude of gifts as well as a handful of challenges. We are thankful for both, as we are reminded daily to both be gracious and thankful to Him during good times, and persevere and turn to Him during the difficult... Continue Reading →

Campaign Nears the $60,000 Mark

On Saturday, December 10, Bridges of Hope's Fall Campaign reached the $50,000 mark, leaving just $10,000 to raise before year-end...which means that on the following Thursday (December 15), Nor-Son was able to add the back rail of our bridge... ...and that means the bridge is also nearly complete! We continue to be in a state... Continue Reading →

Having an Upcycled Christmas

So my extended family has this somewhat quirky (although not completely unique to us) tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas together. Yep--on the same day. We start with Thanksgiving Dinner, have a little down time to clean up dishes and let the food settle, and then jump right back in to Christmas by late afternoon,... Continue Reading →

Not Having to Choose Between Gifts or Rent

Christmas can be a difficult time of year for some of the families working with Bridges of Hope. Often, families have to make tough financial choices, which might mean choosing between giving their children Christmas gifts or providing for their everyday needs. Naturally we want to support families who are making the tough decisions to... Continue Reading →

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